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Servicing Program

At AREC, we offer a full range of comprehensive services which include the following:

  • Billing and Collection
  • Escrow and Reserve Administration
    • Monitor Insurance Policies and Payment
    • Monitor Tax Bills and Payment
    • Reserve Disbursement Processing
    • Tenant Improvement and Leasing Commission Processing
  • Management of Construction Draws
  • Payoff Calculation and Processing
  • Monitor UCC Continuations and Releases
  • Monitor Letter of Credit and Renewal
  • Property Inspections
  • Financial Statement and Rent Roll Collection
  • Financial Statement Review and Analysis
  • Special Requests
    • Lease Review and Approval
    • Tenant Estoppel Approval
    • Subordination and Non-Disturbance Attornment Agreement Approval
    • Partial Releases
    • Easements Approval
    • Condemnation Proceeds
    • Loan Modification
    • Financial and Legal Covenant Monitoring
  • Transfer of Equity Interest Processing